How to delete history in Google Chrome

Delete Google Chrome History-Best and Effective way
Google Chrome is designed and developed by the Google. It is a free web browsing software and supports to the Windows OS, iOS, and Android OS. Chrome is a fast browser compared to other browsers and hence it reduces the time. Chrome themes and extensions features are very attractive. If you don’t have this browser, then install now to enjoy the multiple features of Google Chrome. If you are already a user and your Chrome browser takes a lot of time to open, then you must delete history in Google Chrome. The steps are mentioned below.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Go to the history option, to reach there, tap on 3 dot icon shape present at the uppermost right corner and scroll down, and select history.
  • After selecting history, click on the same, a history page will appear and on that, select Clear browsing data which is available at the uppermost corner of the left side.
  • After clicking on the clear browsing data, a new page will appear and it will show a dialogue box in which multiple options are available. Select the options which you want to erase.
  • Click submit and it is all done.

If further, you are unable to delete history in Google Chrome, then you may get assistance from google chrome technical support . The team are well qualified and work around the clock, so you can call anytime for the resolution of tech queries.


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